Proxies have become a basic need for surfing the internet freely. Almost every internet user wants to have the proxy to secure his data. There are many websites which get blocked by the government but people still want to visit them. Proxies are the way to access those sites without the fear of being caught. As their use is getting popular there rates are also increasing. But still, there are many ways to buy cheap proxies from the internet. A lot of companies sell cheap proxies for those customers who don’t afford the expensive ones. You will always find that markets have products for all kinds of customers. Same is the case in proxies. Many cheap proxies are available on the internet.



Price factor affects the quality of the product. You will be very glad to know that you can buy cheap proxies easily from the internet but there are some things you must know when you buy them. There will be many drawbacks of those proxies. This is due to the fact that their prices are too low and in that price range only some features could be covered. Along with those features, there also come many problems regarding the cheap proxies.

What are the drawbacks of cheap proxies?

Those who cannot afford expensive proxies and don’t need the features of an expensive proxy tend to buy cheap proxies. These proxies are good and will be of use if they are up to your desires. But before buying you should know the following drawbacks of the proxies. If anyone of them is a major factor regarding your decision then you must not go for cheap proxies as it will be no use no matter how much cheap they are.

1. Flagged IPs:

Proxies are used to connect to almost all online platforms. But the problem you face when you buy cheap proxies is that most of them have flagged IPs. What is a flagged IP? These proxies are reused. It means that before you got those proxies they have already been used for the same online platforms you are trying to use them on and have got flagged or blocked along the way. Therefore, you would never be able to connect to that platform again.


But it is also possible that you may get a proxy that is not used before you got them and in this way you can ask your provider to re-issue other proxies. Similarly, worst can also happen. A proxy can get flagged during your use.  In that case, your accounts may get banned temporarily or even permanently.

2. Shared proxies as cheap proxies:

Have you ever wondered why there is so much difference of prices between proxies? Why are some proxies so cheap? The reason is providers sometimes offer shared proxies as cheap proxies to cover their costs.


Shared proxies are owned by more than just one person so keep in mind that your proxy is not just yours. When you buy cheap proxies that are shared also, you don’t have complete control over how they will be used. So, when you use cheap proxies there is a chance of getting your IPs blocked, flagged, and abused etc.

3. Long downtime:

When you buy cheap proxies you should know that you won’t get a fast service. As most of them are shared and some are not even authentic their downtime will be too long. If you want a good proxy that is affordable go for “microleaves”. They have a variety of proxies and you can try yourself and check whether you like it or not.


Thus, you can buy cheap proxies easily but that doesn’t mean you should. If your needs are too low and you think the drawbacks won’t affect your surfing then it’s the best decision to buy cheap proxies.